Just A Thought : Is Anwar Ibrahim Fit to lead PR Government ?

Very difficult to answer this kind of question,given the fact that Anwar has won the recent Permatang Pauh by-election with an outstanding majority, looks like majority of the people fully endorsed him to become our leader, the 6th PM of Malaysia.Wait, please hold your thought for a while,lets study these facts & events :

1. Sodomy II Charge – Many peoples in Anwar circle already adviced him that there is a mole planted by UMNO in his office.The informer also already disclosed the identity of the person that really fit the character of the infamous Saiful Bukhary.However Anwar choose to ignore the information fed to him.He just want to give Saiful a “benefit of the doubts”.This piece of information then was proven true enough with Saiful allegation’s that Anwar did actually sodomised him.Should Anwar take action earlier, this saga can be avoided easily

2. Right after the March-08 General Election, Anwar announced that PR should be able to take over the government by 16th-September 2008.This is the first time in modern politic’s history, someone actually give a deadline in taking over the government.In another part of the worlds, toppling of the existing government normally happen in sudden, No deadline whatsoever.By declaring this, actually Anwar is putting unnecessary pressure onto himself & PR.Now with the road-blocks everywhere placed by the BN led government, not very likely his claim will turn into reality in near future.Instead he has become a laughing stocks among UMNO peoples by failing to meet the self imposed 16th September.Hj Hadi of PAs makes things worst by providing unnecessary hurdle to Anwar’s dream by saying PAS will not joint PR government if Muslims/Malay MPs are under represented.Also confusion statement made by some of the PR leader like Mujahid Yusuf Rawa on the letter to Agong and blunder statement by Tian Chua that the direct negotiation with Pak Lah is underway has caused the public loosing confident in Anwar

3. There are quite disturbing issues in PR led State especially in Selangor, whereby the current Menteri Besar, Khalid Ibrahim has made several controversial statements like Non Bumi Quota in UiTM.Tussle between  PKR division leaders in Klang where one of the state exco Dr. Xavier involved.Fist fights among PKR supporter at Kerinchi over small matter.All if not handled by Anwar could led to crisis that might end up the public loose confident to PR and re-throw their support back to BN

SO, Ada percaya ke ini Anwar can lead this country the we love?


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