Can We Trust The Crossing Over MPs ?

I am wondering as to whether we can trust the 30 over BN MPs that are slated to cross over to PR to form a new gornment.Few aspects that mind boggles me :

1. For the MPs from East Malaysia,they can be rest assured by now, Pak Lah and BN are no longer giving them any sort of priority from every aspects.No focus on their economy, poverty, illegal immigrants nothing.My bet is, come next year they will be forgotten entirely.So why don’t they rebel right now by just walk out from BN to become an independent block? by doing so they will have better bargaining power with BN and even Anwar

2. By their refusal to come forward, that shows that they are not interested to champion the cause of the peoples just like Raja Petra OR Teresa Kok. These BN MPs are really just want to protect their self interest…Jaga Periuk Nasi sendiri saja.Come on man, the rakyat has suffer a lot, The MPs should have their courage to defend their voters’ interest

These thoughts make me further convinced that Anwar is the person that can be manipulated easily…


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